Date Night Jar

Date night is a must in every relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what you both want to do or even what is in your budget that night.

I got my inspiration for this DIY venture was from Pinterest, again. Props to Pinterest y’all! Anywhooooo..The pin I liked from Pinterest led me  to the blog, Life in the Green House. This is where I got the a detailed tutorial and brilliant idea to create the Date Night Jar.

This tutorial is extremely easy. All you need are popsicle sticks, a mason jar, paint, a sharpie and a piece of paper.

Paint your popsicle sticks 3 separate colors. You can do more or less colors, depending on how detailed and modified you want your date idea sticks to be. I stuck with three because I liked the categories that the blogger from Life in the Green House chose.


Yellow: Stay at Home

Green: $

Gold: $$$ + Planning

Once the popsicle sticks are dried, write your different date ideas on the color coordinated sticks. Every couple is unique and enjoy different things. I modified my date night ideas that catered to the things my boyfriend, Raymond, and I enjoy.

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